TEKMARK supply roller shutters that are complemented by their full product line, which covers all of your physical security needs for a wide range of applications industrial, commercial and domestic.

Roller shutters can be manually operated by hand, chain, or the popular electrical operation roller shutter, powered by a high quality tubular motor with single or three phase operation. Roller shutter lath can be produced in gauges 0.7mm (22 gauge), 0.9mm (20 gauge), 1.2m (18 gauge) and 1.5mm (16 gauge) in galvanized material or 0.7mm (22 gauge) and 0.9mm (20 gauge) in powder coated material.

The budget finish for our roller shutters is 22 gauge galvanizes steel. All guides, canopies, flags & bottom L rails etc are also galvanized steel for a long lasting, effective operation cycle, ensuring the longevity of your roller shtter. The majority of customers prefer to have a colored/powder coated finish and we offer any RAL colour which is generally more pleasing to the eye.