Rockwool core doors are constructed of two steel sheets with interlocking edge seams. The hardwre cut-outs are made and reinformcement plates welded within the leaf. Stiffeners are welded to door skin and the void areas between stiffeners filled with rockwool. The top and bottom closed with U channels welded to face sheets.

Moderate to high frequency usage.

Building security.

13/4" standard, other thicknesses available.

18-gauge steel standard. (16-gauge or 14-gauge steel optional.) (G90 galvanized steel optional.)

22-gauge stiffeners spot-welded at 6" on center with thermafiber insulation. 20-and 18-gauge also available.

Rust inhibitive prime coat 18 gauge top and bottom inveted channels spotwelded to face sheets.

Continuously welded vertical edges (seamless) standard.

R Factor 4.2 - U Factor .24.