TEKMARK Steel roller shutter has been designed to ensure that the door can be assembled and installed with ease. The fixing kit is fully galvanized with pre-drilled holes for assembly. Guide section mounting holes are uniform throughout every door ensuring future repairs can be carried out using standard off the shelf materials quickly and efficiently. TEKMARK door slats are roll-formed steel insulated sections, eliminating the need for pre-assembly in your workshop, coming in manageable sections of 6-10 slat profiles depending on door size and your requirements. Also available is a fully loaded barrel option, the shutter curtain is fully loaded into the shutter barrel during the manufacturing process, saving even more time on site.

The quide sections are rolled formed 3mm two part galvanized steel complete with wind lock recess, neoprene brush seals internally and externally. Optional wind locks are fitted as standard on shutters over 5500mm opening width.

The motor is a 3 phase safe direct drive operator with an inbuilt anti-fall back device supplied as standard with low level controls. Additional control cards are available to extend the operational features of the controller. All operators come with a low level over ride haul chain engagement.

The standard door operation is hold to run, with optional features including induction loops and radio control.

The profile has a zinc protective coating applied before the laminated coating finish is adhered this ensures that the ends of the steel slat will not show any signs of corrosion during standard weather conditions.