TEKMARK door line offers a stylish functional flush wood door that combines the superior functionality of a quality flush wood door with the classic elegance of a stile and rail door. The most commanding feature, though, is its economical price. Our doors are available in fire ratings door through 30 to 120 minute. The fire rated door measures a slim 44.45mm yet provides the highest fire door rating possible for wood doors. A door provides a cost-effective alternative to a true stile & rail door. There is also added flexibility with panel layouts and custom molding opportunities. Best of all you can select from a wide range of veneers from which to choose with our styles doors.

Available in rectangular panel configuration and design.

Choose from one of two standard moldings or match your custom molding.

Available in non Fire-rated and 30, 60 and 90 minute wood flush doors.

Acoustical ratings through STC 33 available.

Available with or without a simulated stil and rail sketch face.

Available prefinished, pre-machined and with our without lights.

Over ten years ago, Halspan introduced an entirely new way of construction doors using pre-tested fire door blanks made from 3-layer particle board. It look the industry by storm and hasn't been beetered since. A complex combination of chemical and engineering innovation produced a Halsplan timber door blank of altogether superior quality, strength and overall performance. Halspan's unique 3-layer particle board brings with it other advantages too.