3 hour approved for doors in dividing fire walls with openings not exceeding 51 sq. ft. in area.

1.5 hour approved for doors in vertical shaft openings not exceeding 51 sq.ft.in area.

75 hour approved for doors in corridor or room-partition opening not exceeding 51 sq.ft. in area.

1.5 hour approved shutter between jambs size not exceeding 86 sq.ft.

The TEKMARK shutter has all the features of the Fire-Rated with the addition of an "S" rating for smoke leakage. The smoke rated shuttes utilize a vinyl smoke seal on the bottom bar, brush seals on the guides and lintel to stop the movement of smoke through the door. This enables smoke containment and prevents property damage and halth risks.

TEKMARK smoke sealed shutters are engineered and constructed to combine fire protection and service.

These shutters are designed for small pass-through openings such as service counters, windows, concession stands and cafeteria counters. The interlocking flat faced steel, stainless steel, or prime painted slats maintains the aesthetic harmony of any building decor. These smoke rated shutters are great in situations where smoke containment is necessary. Most importantly, Fire shuttes provide excellent protection against fire, theft and unauthorized entry.