Bullet let resistant doors are often used in government buildings, cashier stands, high crime rate areas or any structure where increased safety is desired. They are generally tested in accordance with UL 752 and assigned a level from 1-10 that lets you know how resistant the door is to gun fire. Steel doors are typically available upto level 8. A security consultant should analyze the building conditions to determine the proper bullet resistance level required. Variety of cores can be bullet resistant, such as steel stiffendedm honeycomb, and polystyrene. It is only necessary to specify to a perfomance level and not to a specific core material.

Bullet Proof Details

13/4" standard.

Any Manufacturer's hinge locations.

18-gauge A60 galvannealed steel standard.

Minimum 16-gauge steel faces.

Continuously welded vertical edges (seamless) standard.

Rust inhibitive prime coat ANSI/SDI 250.10.

Bullet resistant frames available.

Material Options for Bullet Proof Doors

16-gauge steel.

G90 galvanized steel.

Stainless steel, available in 304 or 316 all.