TEKMARK has been a specialized supplier & manufacturer of aluminum doors, windows and aluminum folding sliding systems (folding door systems), sliding turn & stack systems and horizontal sliding wall systems. The performance and success of our company is due primarily to our competent and committed employees. Thanks to the professional know-how of our employees and the guiding idea to always be one step ahead of the competition, TEKMARK offers a product range and design and at the same time is highly adaptable to individual needs. The motivation to offer our customers a maximum in performance and reliability is the driving force behing this.

The TEKMARK systems are being used in many areas of daily life for example as:

Glazed Folding Doors

Terrace and Conservatory Glazing

Balcony and Facade Glazing

Store Entances

Room Dividers and Dividing Walls

Customers particularly appreciate the easy and intuitive operability the high quality standards and the long service life of the TEKMARK products.

TEKMARK is your competent partner when its about approaching problems proactively and developing solutions jointly - from sound advice through preparation of a customized offer upto consultative support during implementation into your projcts.


Understanding Customers as Partners

TEKMARK maintains an open, cooperative relationship with its customers and suppliers where the transparency of the services is very much in the foreground. Only this creates trust and facilitates quick and uncomplicated action. Conversations figure prominently in this. Comprehensive information about the specific wishes, ideas and plans of the customers are the basis for a long-term and cooperaive collaboration..